Apparel/Garments Billing  Software

The apparel/garment and fashion industry is unique. The iCube Buisness Solution is designed to deliver the specific needs of our industry, with all processes on a single futuristic technology platform. iCube easily manages mixed product classifications by providing the tools needed to improve operations and increase repeat sales and Profit
iCube accommodates small- and large-sized fashion-related companies. We specialize in serving brands, manufacturers and self-sourcing retailers.iCube combines next-generation enterprise software with real-time business process management capabilities. iCube helps you simplify design and product development. Our goal is to help your business reduce cycle times and increase repeat customer sales.

iCube Software Features

  • Cash Memo, Sales Man, Item Discount, Bill Discount.
  • Return Bill, Retrive Old Bill, Price Check, Multiple Payment.
  • Bill Remarks, Retrive Order, Item Modify, Bill Reprint, Void Item.
  • Teller Summary , Customer Loyalty Points, Multiple Price.
  • Bill Clear, Delete Row, Add/Minus Products
  • Cash/Card/Gift Voucher/Redemption/Credit Card/On Account.
  • Collection Refund - Multiple Bill Collection, Multiple Mode Payment.
  • Register, Payment Voucher, Remarks, POS History.
  • Purchase Order, Goods Received Note, Goods Return Note.
  • Purchase Invoice, Debit Note.
  • PO Approval - Approval, Hold, Release, Cancel, Close.
  • Business Partner,Charges, Terms, Payment Terms.
  • Vendor Out Standing, GRN Payment, Margin Rule, Print Barcode.
  • Grouping - Create Group, Category Manager, Category Group.
  • Inventory - Item Modify, Item Master, Miscellaneous Stock, Inter Stock Transfer, Rate Change, Split Item, Price Range, Price List, Aging Master.
  • Report - Inventory Register, Barcode History
  • Stock Audit - Bundle Creation, Plan Stock, Stock Entry, Update Adjustment.
  • Logistic - LR InWard, LR OutWard, Gate Entry, Courier.
  • Loyalty - Card Generation, Loyalty Member
  • Sales Promotion - Aggregation, Promotion, Approval, Gift Item.
  • Sales Man Incentive - Aggregation, Incentive, Approval.
  • Gift Voucher - Category, Booklet, Generation, Allocation.
  • Evaluation - Rule Creation, List, Category, Creation, Master.
  • MSD Configuration, Package Creation, Sales Transfer
  • Transfer Reconciliation, Pending Transfer, Requisition Creation.
  • Requisition Approval, Requisition Rejection.
  • Process, Routing, Bill Of Material, Job Receipt.
  • Cost Sheet, Job Order, Material Transaction, Work Board.
  • Whole Sale - Sales, Sales Order Approval, Customer Creation, Collection.
  • Report - Customer Out Standing, Credit Advance Preview.
  • Sales Forecasting - Creation, Plan Generation, Product, Employee.
  • Replenishment - Creation, Generation.
  • Master - Account Group, General Ledger, Sub Ledger, Narration.
  • Transaction - Opening Balance, Cheque Return, Retal Post, Transaction Voucher, Contra Voucher, Journal Voucher, Bank Reconcillation
  • Report - Chart Of Account, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Account Register, Outstanding, Ledger Statement.